Our Services

As the leading expert in the field of fluvial remote sensing with UAVs we offer a variety of services including consulting, surveying and research. We conduct surveys on fluvial systems globally with a variety of sensors and UAVs. We offer international trainings and workshops regarding UAVs (flight training, flight planning), sensors (foto, video, NIR, multispectral imaging and LiDAR) and post-processing. We also assist you for writing and assessing call for bids and procurement as well as conductance of procurement.


Applying UAV technology to your business and daily schedule can be a challenging task. Appropriate hardware among many manufactures and on a rapidly changing marked must be selected and procured, pilots need to be trained, regulations regarding UAV flights must be checked and data processing workflows applied. With our experience from numerous international projects we assist you to integrate latest UAV technology into your business.


Surveying fluvial (eco-)systems is our core business. With references in more than 50 rivers (i.a. Germany, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Slovenia, Thaailand, Malaysia, Bhutan), HyDroneS features a broad know-how in riverine UAV surveying. From flight permission up to the final output dataset- we can deliver parameters and data from almost every river with our UAVs digitalized on the screen in your office.


HyDroneS is also actively involved in national and international fluvial research projects. Engaged in international partnerships with Universities, Research Institutes, Consultancies and Companies, we are working on developing new techniques and workflows for surveying riverine systems. As part of our research program, we are lecturing and supervising students at Universities.

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