Hydrosystem Drone Surveying

HyDroneS offers consultancy, research and conductance in innovative data processing workflows in the field of fluvial remote sensing with UAVs. Different optical sensors as well as a variety of UAV systems and aircraft are used to ascertain high resolution spatial and temporal data. DEMs, bathymetry, substrate maps, NIR and NDVI maps, habitat structures as well as temporal changes of structures and habitats can be mapped and quantified with high accuracy.

I AM HYDRO and SJE came together to create the HyDroneS (Hydrosystem Drone Surveying) consortium. We specialize in the use of multicopters in river landscapes, which vastly improve the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of field data collection. Our combined expertise has allowed us to develop new workflows for data collection and processing with a focus on river hydraulics and habitat modelling. Through our activity in the research community we are constantly working with a wide range of international partners to develop new methods for mapping and remote sensing using multicopters.

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