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ISRS 2016, Stuttgart

In September 2016 HyDroneS was with I AM HYDRO as sponsor and exhibitor present at the International Symposium on River Sedimentation 2016 in Stuttgart. We also contributed to the symposium with our presentation: "UAV based determination of grain size distribution at river Jachen, Germany" zur Konferenz beigetragen.

finmark September 2016

Mapping spawning sites for Atlantic salmon in Finnmark

Our latest survey from September 2016, was in the north of the Finnmark in Norway. We focused on the investigation of spawning gravel and spawning sites for Atlantic salmon (salmo salar) with a UAV.

July 2016

UAV Training for Bhutanese delegation in Germany

In July 2016 we conducted a six day course for a bhutanese delegation in surveying rivers and data assessment for habitat modeling. A special focus was set on the use of drones for such surveys. This course was the basis for a big survey in Bhutan which we will attend in November 2016.

July 2016

Small UAS for Environmental Research Conference

In July 2016 we were on the "Small uas for environmental research conference" in Worcester, UK. Approx. 120 scientists, engineers and users from research, state departments and the private sector had interesting talks on projects with UAVs in the field of environmental science. We participated with our contribution "three years applied surveying of riverine system with small uas for environmental engineering: a field report from Europe & Southeast Asia" on it.

April 2016

Flying over Havelland

In April 2016 we documented renaturation measures at river Havel in an area called Havelland. The area is a higly protected landscape and wildlife sanctuary and located in two districts of Germany, between an airport and a military training ground, which made it quite challanging to get a permission.

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